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Secondary Glazing Fixed Units

Fixed Insert Windows are manufactured as a single pane glazed frame only for fixing direct to existing doors or windows with wood screws. They are not removable for general cleaning or ventilation.

Secondary Glazing Hinged Units

Friction Hinges

Single pane top hung or side hung (left or right) units are manufactured with Stainless Steel friction hinges to hold the casement to the desired position and fitted with white painted Fitch Catch.

Butt Hinges
Butt Hinged Units are manufactured as side hung and can be either single or double pane. Heavy Duty Butt Hinges are fitted to the casement enabling far greater access.

The single pane unit is fitted with a white painted Fitch Catch whilst the double unit is fitted with one or more Fitch Catches and has two concealed shoot bolts on the slave panel to lock it in a closed position.

Clover Secondary Glazing

We supply and install quality high specification Secondary Glazing solutions that are second-to-none. Secondary Glazing reduces noise levels and excludes draughts in a most attractive fashion. Our Secondary units are available in a variety of colours should you wish to colour coordinate with your decor.

The pre-painted, pre-drilled surround eliminates the need for timber batons and liners and with no painting required speeds up installation whilst dramatically reducing installation costs.

Noise and draughts are not the only nuisances suffered - particularly in the summer. When doors and windows are opened we are subjected to an aerial attack by insects. These are not only a nuisance, insects can be a definite health risk.

Standard Features
White Finish
4mm Float Glass
MDF Face Fix Frame
TM1 Trims/Beads

Silver, Brown or RAL Colours available at extra cost
Obscure, Toughened or Laminated glass
Extended subframe for Reveal fixing or
No subframe for Economy
Wider trims

We can also provide unique Flyscreen suit to compliment the Secondary System. By simply substituting a glazed panel with a flyscreen panel your system provides the optional potential of keeping your premises draught free in the winter months and insect free during the summer period.




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